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27 March 2018

Spring forward into your next adventure

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Spring has finally arrived, time to throw open the windows let in the breeze and plan ahead.


First things first - Spring cleaning

Now is a great time to spring clean your nebuliser, especially if it’s had to work extra hard over winter or if you are fortunate enough to be able to pop it in a cupboard for the summer. Start by cleaning or changing your accessories, air tubes, nebuliser masks and chambers. All of these need regular inspection and don’t forget your filters. You can wipe the cobwebs and dust off the compressor with a damp (not wet) cloth. Your compressor will appreciate your care and keep performing at its peak which means you will continue to get the best therapy possible. If you’re not sure where to start you can look at this blog page for a quick guide and check out our website for spares.

Sun’s out. Summer is on its way.

As the weather warms up and the days start to get longer, our thoughts turn to adventures and visits. It comes as no surprise to us, as around this time of year we see an increase in orders and enquiries about portable nebulisers. Friends recommend to friends, family encourage us to visit, dreams we had in the middle of winter may just be realised and everyone feels a lot more positive about stepping beyond their front door.

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A few of your recent adventures

Mrs. Taylor was sitting in her doctor's waiting room for an appointment about her COPD when she first saw someone using a Omron MicroAir. At first she didn’t even recognise it as a nebuliser, it was so small and quiet. She was even more surprised to learn that it was just as efficient and effective at delivering a therapy as her big cumbersome tractor like one at home. She was apprehensive at first, surely it couldn’t possibly be as simple and straightforward as it seemed? Now with a little encouragement and practice she is an expert patient. Out and about, getting on with her life with a confidence she hasn’t felt in years.

Mr Holt called today, he was looking for a portable nebuliser for his wife. For years they have been enjoying visiting stately homes and National Trust properties but recently they are having to stay closer to home as she needs to nebulise 4 times a day. A friend suggested the possibility of a battery operated nebuliser and when we were chatting on the phone he was delighted to discover that not only can a nebuliser work with a battery but some such as the Philips InnoSpire Mini or the Pari Mini will work with a 12V car lead too. I could hear the rustle of the map pins and the picnic plans before we’d even finished talking on the phone.


Wendy lives with bronchiectasis and for a long time managed her condition with amongst other things, breathing control and mucus clearance techniques. She only needed oral antibiotics when she had a chest infection. She first called us when her physiotherapist suggested she try a Pari O-PEP to assist with the mucus clearance. Wendy’s daughter lives in America with her husband and their two children. They visit when they can but it can be difficult with little ones so every year Wendy and her husband save up to visit them. Over the winter Wendy has been started on a preventative antibiotic via a nebuliser and she is grateful to have a mains powered one on loan from her respiratory nurse. This however won’t work in America as their mains voltage is lower than ours at only 110V and her annual visit is set for April.

She was worried about the price of a portable nebuliser but was relieved to find that choosing the Pari Mini meant she was able to pick and mix the components she needed. As she only nebulisers twice a day choosing just the compressor (without a car lead or battery) and a filter valve set didn’t break the bank.

Travelling was always Valerie’s passion. She has been very fortunate over the years and has visited some wonderful countries. For a while after being diagnosed with brittle asthma she was devastated and had to curb her wanderlust. Last year she was offered a fantastic opportunity to take a long safari in 2018. She was excited and nervous, so sensibly started planning her trip straight away even though she wasn’t leaving until about now. Calling to ask questions about battery life should she experience a power cut, calculating her best options, rechargeable batteries or AA batteries - exploring all her options. Should she choose between the compressor types such as the InnoSpire Mini or Pari Mini or should she go with a mesh type like the InnoSpire Go or MicroAir U100? Only when she was confident did she recently make her decision. We are expecting a postcard anytime soon.


When Mr Johnson called his ambitions were more simple. He likes nothing better than taking his time, pottering round his garden, planting and pruning. With raised beds and family support he has been able to continue with his hobby over the last few years despite getting severely short of breath. His hopes this year are for an occasional trip to the local garden centre and a few uninterrupted afternoons in his deck chair watching the birds on his bird feeders. He was impressed to discover that the Philips InnoSpire Go not only has a battery life that can provide up to 30 treatments but is virtually silent too. Hopefully the unpredictable British weather won’t interrupt his peace and muck up his plans.

What about you?

Do you recognise yourself in any of these stories? With summer looming, tempting bank holiday opportunities and weekend offers are everywhere. Whatever your dreams or ambitions may be; be they simple like Mr Johnson, such as a trip to the cinema or shops or on a much grander scale like Valerie’s who is now ready to travel the world, there is a portable nebuliser to match. If you’re looking for a mains powered nebuliser we have those too so why not start with the website or give us a call.

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Photo credits: Pixabay, Magda Ehlers