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15 February 2018

Infinity and Beyond

A complex nebulised therapy regime doesn't mean you can't get out and about.


Complex nebulised therapy regimes require a specific type of nebuliser; the same applies if you nebulise frequently. This doesn’t mean, however, that they can’t be portable. There is no need to feel chained to the house. You, too, can enjoy your freedom and follow your dreams. Why not make that date to catch up with the family or book that longed for Caribbean cruise? In this post we take a look at the Pari Mini and the Philips InnoSpire Mini.

Nebulising antibiotics

Nebulised antibiotics can often be more viscous than normal bronchodilators and therefore trickier to nebulise. They need a nebuliser chamber which is up to the job.

The Innospire Mini comes with the SideStream Plus nebuliser chamber which is specifically designed for this very purpose and the Pari Mini has the LC Sprint which has a proven history and is ideal for the task. Both have delivered an excellent performance in clinical studies.

Lc Sprint Ssplus

The LC Sprint and the Sidestream Plus

If you have to nebulise an antibiotic it is usually prescribed as a preventative measure and you may have heard your respiratory professional mention a closed system. A closed system is necessary to prevent the excess antibiotic escaping into the environment and therefore your nearest and dearest breathing it in. In this way they can avoid building up an antibiotic resistance should they need help in the future. Both the SideStream Plus and the LC Sprint are breath activated systems with an inspiratory valve which only opens to allow your medication out when you breathe in it closes when you breathe out. With the InnoSpire Mini and Pari Mini you can also purchase a filter valve system which attaches to the mouthpiece and catches any excess antibiotic that might be released.

The LC Sprint and SideStream Plus aren’t just for antibiotics, they are both more than capable of making short work of saline, normal or hypertonic, bronchodilators or enzymes which require a compressor type nebuliser. They are also durable and reusable which, if you nebulise frequently, can prove cost effective and convenient. The LC Sprint nebuliser chamber can be used with a face mask or mouthpiece whereas the the SideStream Plus system is mouthpiece only.



Although not the smallest nebuliser we stock the InnoSpire Mini and the Pari Mini both pack a decent punch. The InnoSpire Mini weighs only 420g, which is less than a pack of butter and the Pari Mini even less at 360g with the battery adding a little more. Both are small enough to fit easily and discreetly in a tote bag or small rucksack so you can take them anywhere you may want to go. Perfect for a trip to the supermarket or the seaside.

Advanced Lithium Rechargeable batteries

If you nebulise several times a day, not having to connect to the mains electricity is a measure of true portability. Whether you’re booking a long haul flight or planning a trip to the beach freedom from the pressure to rush home can really open up your world.

The Philips InnoSpire Mini comes with its battery included. It offers a rechargeable lithium battery which can provide you with up to 90 minutes treatment time before it needs recharging. It then needs 6 hours to be fully charged. It comes with a 6 month warranty whereas the Pari Mini battery, which is available as an optional extra, has a 12 month warranty. The Pari battery has a capacity of up to 40 minutes treatment time with an LED display to indicate the remaining battery charge so you don’t get caught out, and recharging only takes around 2 hours.

Over the years we have had lots of positive feedback from so many customers who by having the option of a battery for nebulising have discovered a whole new lease of life or added an extra dimension to their day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could plug your nebuliser into the car?

A 12v car lead adds versatility to your nebuliser regime. It allows you to save your battery time on long car journeys. It provides a fail safe if there’s a power cut at home or you inadvertently drain your battery and of course if you never venture from from the car you may not even need a battery.

With the Pari Mini the car lead is available as an additional extra and with the InnoSpire Mini, it’s included. A perfect example of why we always encourage you to consider your lifestyle before purchasing any portable nebuliser.


Infinity and Beyond

Although we can’t promise a portable nebuliser will travel with you into outer space, both the InnoSpire Mini and Pari Mini will work directly, and effectively, from any mains electricity supply worldwide. The voltage in America and other countries is only 110v compared to 230/240v in the UK and Europe. We’ve lost count of customers over the years who were caught off guard, dragging their “big” nebuliser half way round the world to discover it wouldn’t work. Cruise ships too often operate at a lower voltage, it wouldn’t be a very auspicious start to that holiday of a lifetime if you discover you couldn’t breathe.

To help you choose

The Philips InnoSpire Mini and Pari Mini are both extremely adaptable, efficient nebulisers that offer you an opportunity to explore new horizons or maybe just get back into work. The warranty on the compressors are 3 years and 2 years respectively - plenty of time to discover a whole new lease of life or catch up on ticking off dreams on your bucket list. If you’ve reviewed their similarities and differences and still can’t decide then consider your lifestyle and get in touch for more help. The InnoSpire Mini comes complete with compressor, car lead and battery, all you need to take that big leap forward. With the Pari Mini you can pick 'n' mix. Perhaps a more cautious start with just compressor and a car lead or compressor and a battery if you don’t have a car. Compact, lightweight and reliable a portable nebuliser can give you independence to get the most out of life. The InnoSpire Mini and Pari Mini are designed to do everything a portable nebuliser should.

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