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16 October 2017

Travelling with a Portable Nebuliser

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Over the years we have had lots of positive feedback from so many customers who have discovered a whole new lease of life or added an extra dimension to their day.


Over the years we have had lots of positive feedback from so many customers who, with advice on which nebuliser to choose, a small amount of patient explanation regarding assembly and a little practice before they set out, have discovered a whole new lease of life or added an extra dimension to their day which is why we offer a variety of models from the leading manufacturers such as Philips Nebulisers, Omron Nebulisers, Pari Nebulisers and Beurer Nebulisers.

Where to start?

The first question to ask yourself is, just where are you hoping to visit? Does your wanderlust take you trotting round the globe or are your dreams a little simpler?

We often get calls from American or Canadian visitors who have 'blown up' their nebuliser as the voltage here is the U.K. is higher than at home. Conversely, many people begin their long awaited holiday with a desperate scramble to source a nebuliser as the one they took with them from home just won’t run at all. It can be an expensive and worrying mistake as nebulisers in some other countries are often more difficult to source. Check the mains voltage of your destination and if you’re planning a cruise ask your travel company about the voltage on board ship.

Will you really use a battery or will being able to nebulise in the car make life more accessible?

The Pari Mini, for example, weighs only 360 grams and can be bought with an additional 12v Car Lead making it ideal for days out with the family, a trip to the shops or a visit to the caravan. Rechargeable batteries come with a shorter warranty so why not save that expense for when you need it?

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Your Medication

Question two has to be about your medication. A complex therapy regime will require a different nebuliser than that of a routine dose of salbutamol or saline.

We often hear the MicroAir and the InnoSpire Go described as 'little gems' and that some of you just couldn’t manage to live a normal life or have a holiday without them. They pop easily in a handbag or pocket, are lightweight and virtually silent. If you are nebulising bronchodilators or saline they are perfect for travelling, theatre trips, or a long flight.

Sadly, not everyone is as fortunate and for those of you who have to nebulise steroids or antibiotics a mesh type nebuliser just won’t cut it. However, all is not lost as some manufacturers do invest in portable technologies with which many of our customers have travelled the world. The Philips InnoSpire Mini will work at any voltage, has both car lead and battery, weighs around 500g and have the power you need for an efficient therapy which won’t have you sat around missing all the fun!

Don’t be put off travelling with a nebuliser. The holiday companies spend a lot of money encouraging us to believe anything or anywhere is possible. If you're thinking Truro, Tenerife or even Tobago, be realistic but optimistic and remember you are the Expert Patient. To find out just which nebuliser will suit you and your pocket best you can have a look at our range here, give us a call on 01942 701 210 and discuss your needs. Why not take a look at our website or do some more research by following our useful links or our other blog posts that have lots of advice about travelling with chest conditions.

Photo credits: Aaron Burden, Dino Reichmuth