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5 September 2017
My nebuliser isn't working. HELP!

Try not to panic. Nebulisers aren't complicated but can be daunting! Here's a few troubleshooting tips you can try to identify problems and get up and running again.



Trouble shooting generally involves taking a systematic approach, checking each component from the mains plug through to the filter and accessories ensuring that each part is present, complete, and in clean working order. Things such as a dirty filter, residual medication in the chamber, a kink in the air tube or a missing component such as a vaporiser head or baffle can result in your medication not turning into a mist for you to breathe in.

Problems such as these are easily solved and we recommend you always keep an adequate supply of replacement accessories.

Each nebuliser comes with an instruction manual which will contain a Troubleshooting section giving you things to do which are specific to your machine. Some manufacturers also put this information online.

Questions to ask yourself

Am I using the correct accessories for my nebuliser?

Often when you're ill and in and out of hospital it is easy to mix up which chamber, mask etc. matches which nebuliser. Not all are compatible with all machines, and mismatched or worn out accessories can result in a poor output.

Am I using the correct nebuliser and chamber for the medication I have been prescribed?

Therapy regimes change as research is constantly moving forward. If your medical practitioner prescribes a new medication you may find your old nebuliser is just not up to the job. There is lots of independent advice available and manufacturers are constantly updating their products to meet new requirements.

Is my nebuliser one which requires an annual service in order to maintain optimum output?

If you're not sure you can contact us or the manufacturer. There may be a service agent local to you.

When was the last time I went to see the doctor? Is it about time for a check-up?

Nebulisers can fail but as you are no doubt aware, anyone with a chest condition is vulnerable and your health can quickly deteriorate even after your nebuliser therapy. In this case your prescribed medication may be less effective.

And finally, if it is broken

Think back, just how old is your nebuliser? Is it still covered by its warranty? In which case speak to whoever you purchased it from or possibly the manufacturers who may be happy to assist you directly. Many companies have excellent customer service departments and most nebulisers should have at least a 3 year warranty, but this can pass surprising quickly.

Short term, many hospital authorities may have a unit you can loan but long term they are becoming and less available. You can contact your medical practitioner or seek independent advice as to just what the situation is where you are.

If it is time to buy a new nebuliser then why not get in touch. check out our website, as it provides lots of information to help guide you, send us an email, or simply give us a call on 01942 701210 as we are always happy to help.