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18 October 2019

Beurer - Another award winning Nebuliser - The IH58

Blog > Nebulisers > Mains Powered Nebulisers > Beurer IH58 Nebuliser
Blog > Nebulisers > Portable Nebulisers > Beurer IH58 Nebuliser

Beurer have been offering well engineered quality products in the health and well-being sector for nearly a 100 years. Celebrated winners of the German Brand Awards they are driven by innovative design combined with reliability and quality.

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Beurer Nebulisers. Great things come in small packages

Small, lightweight and quiet, the IH58 nebuliser offers a high performance in a small package. Weighing less than a human heart the Beurer IH58 Nebuliser will sit comfortably in your hand and yet still pack a powerful punch. A high nebulisation performance means a shorter inhalation time and therefore more freedom for you to enjoy life’s pleasures.

It’s versatile too. The Beurer IH58 Nebuliser is mains powered and will operate from any voltage worldwide. It has the added bonus of a USB port so you can power it from your car. Gone are the days of lugging your heavy compressor from room to room, the hours of anxiety about the weight of your hand luggage and finally an end to the problem of just what will you leave behind when packing.

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You can relax

Small also means discreet - with a noise level up to only 45db you can relax when you're in public. You can confidently nebulise without fear of disturbing those around you or if you have to nebulise at night you can do so without fear of waking family and friends. If you relax too much and nod off, the automatic cut-out will prevent the motor from overheating.

The Beurer IH58 is suitable for use with a tracheostomy or a laryngectomy too and is compatible with our tracheostomy mask. Please contact us at the time of order and we will be happy to include a tracheostomy mask free of charge with your nebuliser if required.

Portable, versatile and dependable, the Beurer IH58 all packs away in its handy carry bag so if you’re planning a return to work, hoping for a family holiday or thinking of a weekend away why not take that first step and give us a call today on 01942 701210 or send us an email.

Photo credits: Christopher Beloch.