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1 December 2017

Reliable and robust Nebulisers for the home

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Complex therapy regimes need a reliable robust nebuliser. It’s a sure bet that if you have to nebulise frequently you will need to choose a compressor that’s up to the work load. In this post we look at the differences between them.


Let's start with Philips

Philips Nebulisers, MedicAid, Respironics, despite the name changes over the years the one thing that always remains the same is the gold standard they always apply to the quality of their nebulisers. The PortaNeb and Freeway Elite are two nebulisers which over the years were trusted and well loved.

The Innospire Deluxe continues that legacy. It is a high quality, easy to use, mains powered compressor that doesn’t need an annual service. It offers a reliable therapy at home or in hospital. More compact and lighter than its predecessor you can see all the new innovations here and still be assured of its performance and reliability. Available with the Sidestream Nebuliser chamber for those of you who nebulise bronchodilators and the Sidestream Plus should you be prescribed antibiotics or steroids. Both are durable and can be boiled which means the chambers when looked after correctly will last up to a year. If you choose this unit you will have everything you need (except the medication) for the first 12 months.

Deluxeblog C900Blog

Omron Nebulisers

Omron Nebulisers can often be found in your local chemist, supermarkets and online. They’re very well known for their home blood pressure machines and they apply the same standards of quality and customer focus to their nebulisers.

Their C900 is designed for home use as well as in a clinical setting. It is straight forward, powerful and easy to assemble. It comes with a durable nebuliser chamber known as the S.S.K kit. which unlike other nebuliser chambers has only two parts. No baffle to be lost, blocked up or chewed up by the cat, making it very simple to use and maintain. The Omron C900 can also be used with other manufacturers nebuliser kits, so should you be fortunate to get these supplied, this unit would be perfect. If not, don’t worry you’ll have everything in the box for the first year and it doesn’t need an annual service. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store, what more could you want!?

The Omron C900 is no longer in production.

Who are Pari?

Despite the fact that Pari Nebulisers have been making a name for themselves for treating respiratory disease for over a 100 years it's a question we still get asked. In fact we wrote a blog post for that very reason.

The Pari Boy Classic, to give it its Sunday name, is a nebuliser well known to the Cystic Fibrosis community and those of you with complex medical conditions. It’s powerful compact and stylish, robust enough for the most complex therapeutic regimes. Its real secret is the durable LC Sprint Chamber. It produces a high-performance continuous nebulisation for efficient deposition of medication in your lungs. It’s breath activated and its innovative nebuliser technology shortens inhalation times by up to 20% which is great if you have 2 or even 3 nebules several times a day. With a 4 year warranty and no need for an annual service it’s certainly worth a look.

Turboboyblog Ac2000Blog

Clement Clarke produce the Medix range

The Medix AC2000 was around before we were, which means it’s now become a classic. It’s probably familiar to most of you and is sometimes seen in surgeries and on some hospital wards. It’s powerful and will nebulise any medications you maybe prescribed, including antibiotics. It does, unlike the others, require an annual service to maintain its efficiency and it would be wise to check where your nearest service agent is located before purchase. It’s powerful enough to work with any nebuliser chamber and comes supplied with a starter kit which should last 3 months. You will need to buy a year pack if you’re not fortunate enough to have these supplied by your clinical professional. Medix Nebulisers also include the Econoneb and the Turboneb, which has the highest output of all three.

Our advice when buying a nebuliser has always been not to overspend. If you only nebulise occasionally then there are some reliable cost effective machines available. Read more about these machines by following this link.

We know it can be scary when you are first diagnosed with a long term clinical condition and even more frightening when you can’t breathe. Getting to grips with a new technology on top of this can seem impossible. This is why we are here. This post is intended to help you make a start in your research. There is much more information throughout this blog and on our website. Remember too that if you prefer to talk things through you can call 01942 701210 for a chat. We’re always happy to help.