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3 October 2017

Nebulisers for Animals

Animals get short of breath for various reasons and just like humans can benefit from a nebuliser therapy.


Animals get short of breath

Animals of all types get respiratory disorders and diseases and quite frequently we receive emails and calls from Vets, Zoos and Animal Clinics from all over the country as well as concerned pet owners.

When using a nebuliser with any animal there has to be a certain amount of DIY when it comes to fashioning medication chambers and accessories in order to ensure that the poor animal receives an effective therapy. Nebulisers with a higher pressure, rather than a technologically designed mouthpiece, work the best.

As for the medication and treatment regime, that’s completely in the hands of your vet or animal health practitioner as a nebuliser isn’t suitable for every animal and comes with many contra indications and complications, just as it does for people.

Parrot Penguin Tortoise

Jane's Story

Jane works for Abijoes, a non-profit organisation that is raising money to build a unique bird sanctuary that will enable disabled people to become active participants in bird rescue, rehabilitation and care.

"The speed with which your nebulizer was delivered, saved a little bird from suffocation. Her lungs and air sacs and become so congested with infection a nebulizer was the only effective way for the medicine to reach in and clear her airway, as she was too weak to be transported to a vets surgery. It was a great service and, again, much appreciated."

Abijoes are based in Cornwall and if you would like to learn more I’m sure they would be interested to hear from you either via their website, by phone 01736 757656 or email.

Speak to your vet.

Over the years we have helped many animals with nebulisers including labradors, many parrots, several rabbits, a tortoise and some small rodents. We've also helped with farm animals such as pigs and horses and one or two penguins along the way.

If you've got an animal that needs some help breathing then speak to your vet in the first instance about a nebuliser then give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

We supply models and accessories from the following reputable manufacturers.

Photo Credits: John Price, Jay Ruzesky, Ryan Grewell, David Clode