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8 January 2018

Ten things a nebuliser won't do

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A double-edged look at what you can expect from your nebuliser.


Using a nebuliser won’t “cure” your chest problem.

Used correctly and with the appropriate prescription it can ease your symptoms.

If you suffer from COPD you may be prescribed bronchodilators during an exacerbation or regularly if your condition becomes more severe. Nebulisers can be used to deliver medications to help reduce the thickness of your phlegm making it easier to cough it out, or to deliver antibiotics if you have a bacterial infection. Other medications target the build up of mucus and if you suffer from Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis or other lung diseases you may require a complex combination on a daily basis. Asthma, however, is rarely treated routinely with a nebuliser as for most people using a reliever with a spacer is equally effective.

A nebuliser won’t be the only lifestyle change you’ll need to make.

If you’re diagnosed with a chronic chest condition staying healthy is vital in order to avoid exacerbations and repeated infections. Our useful links have pages and pages of simple but effective advice to help keep you well.


A nebuliser won’t clean itself.

For lung health it’s important to keep your spares and accessories clean, replacing them frequently as per manufacturers instructions. At least once a week we get a call from a nebuliser user or their carers panicking because their unit isn’t working. Your first priority should always be to check your spares and accessories. Have you changed yours recently?

A nebuliser won’t last forever.

Whether it’s a compressor, mesh or ultrasonic type, just like your car, washing machine or any other appliance, it will wear out. Buying a nebuliser can be a bit of a minefield and mistakes can be made. Our aim is to help guide you through the process of buying a nebuliser, one that will not only suit your needs but be the best fit for your lifestyle.

Buying a nebuliser won’t necessarily leave you broke.

Spending more money doesn't always mean a better therapy. We stock cost effective nebulisers that can give you a great performance and still be excellent value for money.


If you choose a mesh type nebuliser it won’t embarrass you in public.

Mesh nebulisers are virtually silent. The mesh is a small metal plate with thousands of microscopic holes which the medication is pushed through at speed to form a visible mist. This vibrating mesh technology allows your medication to penetrate quickly and quietly into your lungs.

It needn't chain you to your house.

These days nebulisers can be small, portable and battery powered and over the years we have had lots of positive feedback from many customers who, with advice on which nebuliser to choose, a small amount of patient explanation regarding assembly and a little practice before they set out, have discovered a whole new lease of life or added an extra dimension to their day.


A nebuliser won’t come with the medication you need.

A nebuliser is a medical device and should only be purchased after you’ve seen your G.P. or respiratory professional. If you purchase from us you can be confident that it will come with everything else you need to start your therapy. You can find out here ‘what’s in the box’.

A nebuliser won’t make you sing like a lark.

Nebulising saline, however, has helped Sopranos sing more effortlessly and it has many medical uses. For those of you with a tracheostomy or laryngectomy it can be vital to prevent sticky secretions blocking your airway. In other lung conditions it’s excellent for clearing sticky mucus secretions in lower airways which can cause serious long term issues in many chest conditions. They are difficult to clear by coughing and can lead to frequent recurrent chest infections, lung damage and often exhaustion from over coughing and lack of sleep.


And finally using a nebuliser won’t mean you have to sacrifice your fun.

A 2.5ml nebuliser ampule can be done in just a few minutes, even our customers on complex therapeutic regimes still post pictures of themselves out and about or spending time with friends and family. Being diagnosed has even led them to new opportunities through pulmonary rehab and self help groups. If you’re feeling lost or confused why not contact our useful links and for nebuliser advice give us a call. We’re experts at just what a nebuliser CAN do.

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