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3 October 2017

Nebulisers, buy from a reputable company

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Buying a nebuliser can be a bit of a minefield and mistakes can be made. Our aim is to help guide you through the process of buying a nebuliser, one that will not only suit your needs but be the best fit your lifestyle.


So what are the questions you should be asking before buying a nebuliser?

The most obvious is how long is the warranty?

Remember a warranty is only a promise on purchased goods that they are of the quality represented and will be replaced or repaired if found to be faulty. It doesn’t promise that your nebuliser won’t develop a fault and it’s important to check that your supplier can fulfil this promise.

Does the nebuliser need servicing?

Although most manufactures have moved towards nebulisers which are maintenance free some units still need an annual service to protect both its performance and the warranty. Can your supplier provide this support and what are the costs involved?

Is the nebuliser suitable for your medication?

Not all nebulisers are capable of efficiently nebulising all medications. Your heath care professional will be able to advise you if you need a specialist medication chamber and your supplier should provide you with a wide range of product knowledge. You can find more information on this blog post.

Where can I buy the spares and accessories?

All nebulisers require their filters, medication chambers, tubes etc changing at regular intervals.This can vary but its usually between 4 weeks and 12 months. Can the company provide a follow up service or will you have to look elsewhere? Are the spares and accessories available? We still get many calls from people who are struggling to source replacement parts. Have a look at our Spares & Accessories or call us if you need something that isn't listed and we'll try our best to help you.


Does the unit you have chosen hinder or enhance your lifestyle?

Although you may have to nebulise frequently, using a nebuliser doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become chained to your home. Many of you still venture out, be it a simple trip to meet friends or the holiday of a lifetime. Good product knowledge will enable you to keep your independence and take back control of your life which is why we supply a comprehensive range from leading manufacturers such as Philips Nebulisers, Omron Nebulisers, Pari Nebulisers, Medix Nebulisers and Beurer Nebulisers.

Is it really necessary to spend a fortune?

Some of you only nebulise occasionally and others many times a day. Spending more doesn’t always mean you get the best nebuliser to suit your needs or the best therapy, but conversely cutting costs doesn’t always turn out to be cost effective. You don't buy a Mini to drive off-road!

Wherever you chose to spend your money, buying the right nebuliser isn’t as complicated as it may first appear. Take a while to do a little research, seek out independent advice and remember to ask the right questions. If we can help at all please get in touch.

Photo credits:, Sergii Gulenok