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17 October 2017

You don't have to break the bank

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Spending more money doesn't always mean a better therapy. We have a look at cost effective nebulisers that can give you great performance and still be excellent value for money.


One of the most common mistakes we see when people are purchasing a nebuliser is not considering how often you will need to nebulise. Think of it like buying a car - if you occasionally pop to the shops you really don’t need to spend as much money as someone who rallies off road or spends their life on a motorway.


Why buy a Rolls Royce and leave it in the garage?

Nebuliser therapy for some is needed only as and when. A number of you struggle during the harsh winter months, for others hot summers can be a trigger. Many of you nebulise only when you have a chest infection or an acute exacerbation. This means that for a great part of the year your nebuliser could sit unused in a cupboard.

If this is you then perhaps it would be worth taking a look at the less expensive models. Spending more money doesn’t always equal a better therapy. It can produce a slightly quicker therapy but this doesn’t suit all and if you only nebulise occasionally what difference does a minute or two make?

How do you decide?

Even though you maybe looking to spend less it’s always wise to stick with one of the major manufactures, such as Philips Nebulisers, Omron Nebulisers, Pari Nebulisers, Medix Nebulisers and Beurer Nebulisers. Whichever model you choose there will come a time when you need to replace your accessories. Buying cheap is not always cost effective if in the months ahead you can’t get find anywhere that stocks the spares that you need. Often catalogue or bargain nebulisers come with no customer service or support and a warranty that covers the bare minimum.

What's available?

Nebulisers made by Philips have a solid reputation amongst many heath professionals and they produce the Innospire Essence. Smaller than the Innospire Deluxe but equally reliable, it comes with a disposable Sidestream chamber but it is compatible with the reusable Sidestream chamber if you prefer. It’s robust, compact, lightweight and excellent value for money.

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The popular Omron CompAir C28P with its boil-able VVT nebuliser kit is compact lightweight, easy to clean and comes with a handy carry bag.

The Pari Compact 2 may be a little less well known, which is surprising given Pari have been around for over a hundred years, but take a look. It’s a no nonsense compressor that packs a punch and is small enough to be tucked away in your suitcase.

Why not treat yourself?

Instead of spending a fortune, why not keep a little cash back to treat yourself and invest in a portable pocket nebuliser, one for home and one for when you're out and about. People who do choose a low cost model also often buy two for the convenience of having one for upstairs and one for down. For those of you who do have to nebulise more regularly and have a complex therapy regime then we can honestly say spending a little extra is definitely cost and time effective in the long run.

Finding the right unit to meet your needs is much more important than how much you spend. If you need any advice we’re here waiting to help. So consider carefully, take a moment to think about which nebuliser is really the most suitable for you. Expensive may not be the best.

Photo credits: Fabian Blank, Lauren Kay.