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3 January 2018

New Nebuliser, New You.

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Feeling motivated to make over your lifestyle? Focus on one goal at a time. Your first step could be to consider a new nebuliser. Why not look at the Omron MicroAir U100, the latest portable model from Omron Nebulisers.


What do we all wish for when the New Year comes around? The New Year presents a big opportunity for self improvement, a chance to be even better than we were before. Just a tweak or two to add a little extra value to our lives. Take a look at the new Omron MicroAir U100 portable nebuliser, it could help you to take the first steps towards the new you.

The New MicroAir

The Omron MicroAir U100 has a more polished smoother finish but retains all the great features needed in a portable nebuliser, the ones that made you fall in love with the U22 in the first place.

It has a simple one button operation, and is small enough to fit in your pocket and, weighing around 200 grams excluding batteries, you really can take it anywhere. It operates from 2 AA batteries which, with an average daily use of 30 minutes, should last you up to 8 days. It’s a nebuliser that really can provide you with total independence as there is no need to plug it in at all.

The U100 uses a mesh technology which makes it more effective and comfortable for you to use. This mesh is a small metal plate with 6,000 microscopic holes which the medication is pushed through at speed to form a visible mist. Vibrating mesh technology allows your medication to penetrate quickly and deeply into your lungs. Mesh technology allows nebulisers to be more compact yet still efficient and easy to use even when you’re out and about.

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Have you made any New Year resolutions for 2018?

The best resolutions are the ones that achieve a chunk of a longer-term plan you have for yourself and there is evidence that we as humans are more motivated to recover what’s lost and what could be worse than a loss of independence? When we get stuck in a rut, we usually end up staying at home most of the time, missing out on a lot of interesting opportunities for meeting new people and having fun.

Isolation and loneliness are bad for both your physical and mental health. Taking time to reconnect with people who make you feel good and nurture your resilience is a powerful thing to do, and will set you up for the year.

Think for a minute when was the last time you just stepped out for the day? Wouldn’t it be great if you needed a nebuliser therapy and didn’t have to search around for a plug socket. If you could access your therapy almost anywhere and all you needed was 2 AA batteries. With the Omron MicroAir U100 you can.


Keen to get started?

Apparently we are more likely to keep resolutions if we can see them as being important to other people. Can you remember the last time you enjoyed a trip to the theatre or cinema with family or friend or enjoyed a lunch or dinner date for a simple meal and a good catch up. The Omron MicroAir U100 is so discreet and virtually silent you could nebulise without getting up from your seat.

A key piece of advice when it comes to successful resolutions is they must be realistic. The U100 doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it does improve on an already popular nebuliser. The biggest barrier that keeps most people from reaching their goals is procrastinating and it’s difficult to snap yourself out of it. Friends can help and doing your research is key in order to get your ambitions off to a good start. If you want to chat about the possibilities a portable nebuliser can offer you why not call us on 01942 701210.

If you are feeling motivated to make over your lifestyle, focus on one goal at a time and work on that fully before moving on. Take a look at the Omron MicroAir U100 on our website. It may just be the trigger you need to take that first step to a whole new you.

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