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10 October 2017

Why choose a Pari Nebuliser?

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Everyone has their favourite make of nebuliser, whether it's because they've used it in hospital, their friend has one or it's what they've always used. In this post we take a look at Pari Medical.


Have you heard of Pari Medical?

Most of you are familiar with one or two of the nebuliser companies we list. The Philips Portaneb has been used by many hospitals for years and now is known as the Innospire Deluxe. The Medix AC2000 has enjoyed a similar history and, despite both manufacturers having changed their company name over the years, their flagship products have always delivered quality and reliability. Initially known for their use-at-home blood pressure machines Omron's nebulisers are now extremely popular. All three companies operate internationally as well as in the U.K. and produce a product range for you to use at home, whatever your respiratory needs.

Who are Pari Medical?

Well, for some of you their name is extremely familiar. You have been happily using and trusting their nebulisers to help you breathe freely and maintain your quality of life for years, but we do occasionally get asked "Pari who?"

For over a 100 years Pari has made a name for itself as a company specialising in treating respiratory disease and has grown from a small family firm into a global company building a reputation for excellence. A reputation of which they are fiercely proud and strive to maintain.

Pari have a philosophy of providing quality and the reliability of their products is ensured by the careful selection of materials, manufacture at in-house production facilities and stringent quality control. Products only leave the factory after detailed inspection and electronic documentation of the test results. They are committed to research and development, keeping up to date with the latest developments and trends in the field of inhalation treatment and aerosol technology in order to bring you innovative products in nebuliser delivery systems.

This approach is reflected throughout out their product range and you can see more about the company by clicking here.

Pari TurboBoy SX

This is a compact, stylish and extremely powerful mains powered nebuliser. The high output from the smooth running compressor ensures shorter nebulisation times and a highly efficient drug delivery.

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Pari Boy Mobile S

The Boy Mobile S is designed to do all the things a portable nebuliser should. In addition to operating from any mains voltage worldwide, it can also be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in your car and has an advanced lithium rechargeable battery which has a capacity of up to 50 minutes and is rapidly recharged in around 2 hours

Pari Mini

Discreet in its design and weighing in at only 360 grams the Pari Mini packs a powerful punch. Perfect for using at home, the Pari Mini comes with the extra bonus of a multi-volt cable to use when you're travelling worldwide and can be purchased with an option car lead or rechargeable battery.

The Pari LC Sprint Chamber

All three of these Pari nebulisers are coupled with the innovative LC Sprint durable medication chamber. This affords you with an enhanced therapy and faster and more efficient treatment times, meaning more of your medication delivered during inspiration and less wastage during expiration. If you want to see exactly how this happens click here


The Pari O-PEP

The use of oscillating PEP systems such as the Pari O-PEP has been proven to mobilise secretions in diseases of the lower airways such as cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, COPD and asthma. It can greatly help alleviate an unproductive cough and shortness of breath. In a recent survey 93% of respondents rated the Pari O-PEP as Good or Very Good and now 80% are using it in addition to their inhalation therapy.

Why choose Pari Medical?

Over the years we have dealt with many nebuliser manufacturers and we have chosen to work with these four because we have confidence, not only in their products, but also in the manufacturer themselves. Our values have always been excellent customer service, reliability and genuine concern to offer you a great product and we believe that Pari, Philips, Omron and Clement Clark reflect these.

So next time you are searching for a nebuliser that will be effective, efficient and versatile why not check out Pari Nebulisers and see what they have to offer? With 100 years of experience and a solid international reputation they must be doing something right.