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Medix Econoneb Mains Nebuliser

  • £110.00

Powerful and dependable

  • Ideal for home and hospital use
  • Highly effective medication delivery
  • Space saving design
  • Fitted with a U.K 3 pin plug
  • Free Courier Delivery
  • Official supplier to the NHS

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The Medix Econoneb from Clement Clarke has an almost identical performance to the Medix AC2000, the distinctive difference is the shape of the case. While there is no storage compartment for your accessories, the compact Econoneb proves useful where space is tight as there is no lid getting in the way.

The practical design incorporating a carry handle and a large on/off switch makes this reliable model functional and easy to use.

Medix nebulisers require an annual service. Please contact us for details of your nearest service agent.

Nebulising with a tracheostomy or laryngectomy?

The Medix Econoneb is suitable for use with a tracheostomy or a laryngectomy and is compatible with our tracheostomy mask. Please contact us at the time of order and we will be happy to include a tracheostomy mask free of charge with your nebuliser if required.

For more information please check out our blog post here: Nebulising with a tracheostomy or laryngectomy.

Spares & Accessories

The Medix Nebuliser Kit will need to be replaced every three months to ensure the nebuliser continues to perform efficiently. The kit includes an air tube, nebuliser chamber and a face mask/mouthpiece.

The Medix Medication Chamber should be rinsed after each use and replaced every three months.

The Medix Air Tube should be replaced every three months. Please note that the Medix tube should not be immersed in water as it is difficult to thoroughly dry. If there is condensation visible in the tubing, disconnect the tube from the nebuliser chamber after treatment and allow the compressor to continue blowing air through the tube until all the condensate has been blown out.

It is recommended for hygiene that the Adult face mask or the Child face mask be cleaned in warm soapy water after every use and replaced every 3 months.

The Medix Mouthpiece offers the most effective method of respiratory drug delivery when using a Medix nebuliser. The mouthpiece is angled to allow for ease of use and to help reduce spillage, and is the perfect fit for the Medix medication chamber. Manufactured from medical grade plastic, it is recommended that the mouthpiece should be changed every 3 months.

The Air Inlet Filters will need to be changed every three months and Outlet Filter every twelve months.

Why replace the filter?

Replacing the filter on your Medix nebuliser is probably most important aspect of nebuliser maintenance. It is as important as replacing your nebuliser set, since without a good flow of filtered air coming from the compressor, you will not receive an effective therapy.

Old filters block the air flow to the compressor, reducing its output which diminishes its effectiveness.

Blocked filters also put a strain on the motor and increases the risk of a breakdown.

Filters cannot be cleaned – Throw the old filter away – don't wash it!

Your Medix nebuliser inlet filter should be changed every three months or when discolouration occurs and the outlet filter every twelve months in order to keep your nebuliser performing consistently.

What's in the box

Technical Spec

  • Guarantee
    3 years
  • Weight
    2.35 kg
  • Dimensions (cm)
    21 x 18.5 x 18.5
  • Electrical
    220-240v 50hz
  • EAN
  • Sound level
  • Service period
    Requires annual service
  • Suitable for Tracheostomy
  • Nominal flow rate
    7 L/min
  • Maximum flow rate
    9.5 L/min
  • Instruction Manual