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31 October 2017

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the questions we get asked on an almost daily basis. Hopefully we can provide the answers you're looking for!


Where can I buy 'that thing in the middle'?

Omron call it the Vaporiser Head, Philips, the baffle but we’ve heard it called all sorts of names over the years: the mushroom, the twiddly thing, that bit that looks like a small umbrella.

It’s easily lost when you're cleaning your medication chamber and, although it’s so small, without it most compressor nebulisers just won’t work. It isn’t available as a spare part and you will need to replace the whole nebuliser chamber which are all listed on our accessories page. So be extra careful and please please keep it well away from pets who often take the blame for its disappearance. We’re sure the vet will thank you too.

Do you sell one like I used in hospital?

Hospital trusts vary in their choice of compressor nebulisers. We’ve become very good at guessing over the years, “it was blue”, “white with a lift up lid”, “just a box shape”. With a few clues we may be able to match what you’re looking for. There really isn’t a standard NHS nebuliser and the criteria they use to choose may not necessarily be what is most appropriate for you at home. Factors such as how often you nebulise, which medication you’re prescribed and how you live your life will all influence your decision. Do your research. There are lots of pages in this blog, details on our website and if you’re still struggling give us a call we’ll be happy to help.


Where can I get my nebuliser serviced?

In the 'olden days' most nebulisers needed an annual service. Over time parts would work loose, the pressure would drop and you would be no longer getting an efficient therapy. However with most of today’s nebulisers this no longer applies. The manufacturers have improved the quality of their compressors and are so confident that if yours did lose pressure it will be replaced under warranty. We do list those that do and don’t require servicing on our website and if yours does you can call us for details of a local agent. Today, life is more simple and with most modern compressors you only have to keep on top of changing your accessories and filters following manufacturers guidelines.

Does a nebuliser work on Oxygen?

In hospital, in an emergency situation, nebuliser therapy is sometimes delivered by oxygen, carefully measured and monitored by the clinical professionals. If you need oxygen at home your doctor will decide and this will be on prescription.

Compressor nebulisers work on room air which is pumped out under pressure, turning your prescribed medication into a mist. Ultrasonic and mesh nebulisers work slightly differently but again don’t deliver oxygen.

Where can I get the medication?

We occasionally get calls from customers who, having spoken to a friend, purchase a nebuliser before seeing their G.P. only to be told their medical condition isn’t suitable for a home nebuliser. Although, if it is returned unused, we are happy to offer a refund. Returning a compressor can be inconvenient and expensive.

A nebuliser is a medical device and it’s your respiratory professional who will decide which medication would be most suitable for your medical condition. Inhaler medication or tap water is not suitable for nebulising. Medication regimes differ widely from a small dose of a bronchodilator once a day to very complex therapeutic regimes. You can read more about nebuliser medications over on our blog.


Can I take my nebuliser on holiday?

In most cases the answer is yes. However if you’re travelling to America or anywhere that the voltage mains electricity is different such as on a cruise be sure to check before you leave.

It has been done before; people are so familiar with their daily routine that they sacrifice their luggage allowance and trail half way across the world with their 'big one' only to plug it in and find nothing happens! A costly and distressing mistake which won’t get your holiday off to the most comfortable start. Modern, more portable, nebulisers are available which are just as efficient but have the added bonus of a car lead or battery. If you travel a lot or like to be out and about why not consider investing in one of those? There’s really no need to be chained to the mains.

Do you stock spares and accessories?

All nebuliser accessories need changing at regular intervals. Research has proved that unless cleaned and changed they can become a reservoir for germs and over time they also become increasingly ineffective. Nebulisers stop being a bargain when you discover the company you bought it from don’t stock accessories for your unit and they are not all are interchangeable. Some on-line or catalogue companies may not be there when you need them. Here at Evergreen it has always been company policy not to stock a nebuliser if we can’t provide you with the items you require at least for the period of the warranty and in most cases way beyond. If you have a Pari Philips Omron or Medix nebuliser then the answer to this question is probably Yes.

Will a nebuliser help when I'm short of breath?

There are lots of reasons you may be short of breath. Problems with your lungs or airways, a heart problem and even anxiety are the most common. Not all respond to nebuliser therapy and you can read more at NHS Choices. If you have any difficulty breathing, sudden or long term, you should always contact your G.P.


Will a nebuliser help my baby?

We are quite aware that around the world nebulisers are used freely and frequently used for babies and children with respiratory infections. Not being a respiratory specialist it’s certainly not our place to comment but we can wholeheartedly say that in the U.K. it’s definitely not common practice and certainly not used without careful monitoring by a doctor or specialist nurse. Whether you're a parent or a grandparent it can be worrying when your child is struggling to breathe but stop, think first and read more before you buy a nebuliser.

Can I get a nebuliser today?

We’re based in Wigan, near Manchester, so if you’re in Kent that could be a little tricky! However we do offer a next working day service to most of mainland Britain if you order before 3pm. We also offer Saturday and Sunday delivery at a premium. We work with DPD and Parcelforce for delivery and they will notify you an approximate time slot once the van is loaded which can be extremely useful when we all lead such busy lives. And yes, they do require a signature for their security and yours but they are happy to leave a parcel with a neighbour, when requested, or have a look at their drop in shops - they’re popping up everywhere!

These are just a few of the most popular questions we get asked on an almost daily basis! There are many more and we're always happy to answer them - just get in touch. Our website and our blog have lots of useful information or why not have a look at these useful links for independent help and advice.

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