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5 September 2017

NHS Hospital Nebulisers

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We often get requests from customers for the “the nebuliser they use in hospitals” however there isn’t a standard model chosen by the health service.


One size definitely doesn't fit all

Having supplied, serviced and repaired hospital nebulisers for nearly 30 years we know it can vary quite widely. Hospitals, wards, clinics, specialist nurses and consultants have their own criteria which can be based on many different factors including the latest research, cost, suitability for purpose, performance capability and just which nebuliser may suit your individual needs.

Choosing the 'same' unit for perhaps an elderly relative who is comforted by its familiarity is a good decision but not necessarily the right decision for everyone.

We believe there are important aspects to consider when choosing a nebuliser to be used at home. A general all purpose unit that stacks easily on a shelf is not necessarily going to be the most suitable to allow you to continue going about your daily life. It may also be unsuitable for the medication you have been prescribed and it may need an annual service which could prove inconvenient if there isn't one local to you. You could also run in to trouble if the spares and accessories aren't fit for purpose or readily available.

It's easy to get confused

Manufactures continually upgrade their products and research into nebulisation is an on-going process. Medications are reassessed, protocols change and many professionals strive to make a concerted effort to bring you the most effective treatment available. in the words of Trevor Clay, the founder of Breathe Easy and a General Secretary for the Royal College of Nursing as well as having Emphysema, people should "live with their lung condition and not suffer from it”.

Let's stop and think

Initially choosing the right nebuliser to suit your needs may seem overwhelming. There is a lot of information out there but it's not as daunting as it might seem. Your Respiratory Nurse may already have a specific nebuliser in mind which they feel will be beneficial to your treatment plan and our useful links will be able to give you independent advice based on their years of experience. You can view the range of hospital standard models here from Philips Nebulisers, Pari Nebulisers and Medix Nebulisers.

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