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3 October 2017

Nebulisers for Children

Whether you're a parent or a grandparent it can be worrying when your child is struggling to breathe. Stop, think first and read more before you buy a nebuliser.

Child Neb

Is it right for my child?

Generally, hospitals do not advocate the use of home nebulisers for children. It is clinically safer for children who need nebuliser therapy to be treated in a setting where other vital signs, such as oxygen levels and heart rate, can be monitored.

In the past research has shown that having a nebuliser at home can also lead to a tendency for parents to rely too heavily on them which can result in a delay in seeking medical attention.

However a Consultant, G.P. or Specialist Nurse may prescribe medication for home use if certain guidelines or protocols are followed.

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Children benefit most from nebuliser therapy when:

  • Large inhaled drug doses or pulmonary therapy is required;
  • the child is too unwell or unable to co-ordinate drug delivery devices and/or
  • specific medications are unavailable in hand held devices and a wider choice is needed.

Children with cystic fibrosis, or certain other respiratory disorders, who may require a home nebuliser should have regular contact with a cystic fibrosis specialist or a specialist respiratory nurse. More information can be found on the CF Trust website.

Which to choose?

The majority of our nebulisers come with a child mask included and for those that don’t this can be added on request free of charge.

Your choice will be influenced by the type of medication prescribed, how often your child may need nebuliser therapy and how portable you need the nebuliser to be.

If you’re confused or worried at all about your child there is lots of independent advice available and if you just need a little help making that final decision then why not give us a call?

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