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19 January 2018

Omron Healthcare, committed to building healthy lives

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Omron are helping to realise healthy and comfortable lives for people around the world.


Ormerone, Monmon, Omnon... nope, Omron.

Omron Healthcare are a global brand committed to improving the quality of everyone’s lives by providing clinically validated, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring, therapy and disease prevention. Their commitment lies in building healthy lives. Their aim is to provide a total healthcare management service, aimed at preventing and improving such increasingly common health problems as hypertension, respiratory problems, diabetes and obesity.

Omron believe that, “A company is most valuable when it contributes to society beyond the simple pursuit of profits” and have a long standing reputation for building high quality products. They produce products which are familiar and popular with both clinicians and individuals. These included those for blood pressure monitoring, pain, weight and temperature management, activity monitoring, electro cardiograph recording as well as those important to you and me - nebulisers.

In 1978 they launched their first nebuliser, the ultrasonic NE-U10, from their founding base in Japan. Since then they have continued to advance nebuliser technology. 1981 saw the launch of their first home nebuliser, the NE-C10, which meant you no longer had to visit hospital for your therapy. 1994 was the debut of their first portable nebuliser, the NE-U03. This used early mesh technology to give you the freedom to nebulise just about anywhere.


Omron Healthcare in Europe

Omron have national sales companies here in the UK as well as Germany and France.

Their current product range has a nebuliser to cover all your needs Their promise to you is to help minimise the impact of your health condition and enable you to live a more fulfilling, rewarding and active life.

Nebulisers for home

The Omron NE-C28P is a long life mains operated compressor. It is a good, cost effective choice for the home and it is suitable for use with a wide range of prescribed solutions. It offers everything necessary for efficient drug delivery. With its VVT (Variable Valve Technology) nebuliser chamber provided, it produces a therapy with very small particle size meaning more aerosol is available for you to inhale, bringing you the benefit of a shorter nebulisation time.

The Omron C102 Total Nebuliser with Nasal Shower is the latest mains compressor from Omron, developed in conjunction with respiratory therapists. An efficient and cost effective choice for the home as it is suitable for a wide range of prescribed solutions for respiratory disorders, and offers the additional benefit of a nasal shower for the relief of blocked nose and sinusitis.

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Professional & Clinical equipment

The Omron UltraAir Pro U780 is a professional ultrasonic nebuliser. It is intended for use in a medical facility, such as a hospital , clinic or doctor’s office. Occasionally it is purchased for use at home under the guidance of a medical expert. The unit operates completely silently and offers easy touch controls that allow for adjusting the nebulisation volume and the air-flow. The attachments are autoclave-safe as well as suitable for a wider range of disinfectant options.


When you're out and about

The MicroAir U100 uses a mesh technology which makes it more efficient and comfortable for you to use. With a simple one button operation, the U100 is small and portable and at 200 grams, excluding batteries, you really can take it anywhere. Operating from 2 AA batteries which, with average daily use of 30 minutes, will last up to 8 days, it provides you with total independence as there is no need to connect to the mains or the car. Extremely portable and virtually silent it means you can nebulise in comfort without embarrassment.


With nebulisers for the clinic, for use at home and a choice of lightweight units for portability Omron really have all the bases covered. Omron are committed to improving the quality of everyone’s lives. They continue to innovate, challenging themselves to be the driving force behind delivering new values, unprecedented solutions, and active change. If you’re not sure which Omron nebuliser would be suitable for you why not check out the complete range or call 01942 701210 or email too.

Omron Nebulisers

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