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15 July 2020

Introducing the new Pari Boy Classic

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Blog > Pari Medical > Pari Nebulisers > Pari Boy Classic Nebuliser

From a small scale manufacturer over the years Pari have built themselves, through excellence and innovation an international reputation as specialists in airways disease.

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An instant classic

The Pari Boy Classic has a Red Dot award-winning new modern design whilst retaining the superior efficiency we have come to expect from Pari nebulisers. It is compact, stylish and extremely powerful bringing you a high output to ensure you receive an extremely effective therapy. It offers a quicker treatment time, a more efficient lung deposition and the new PIF control to help you with your inhalation technique. Functional in design plus with a 4 year warranty it’s the ideal all round nebuliser for complete peace of mind.

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What is PIF?

The Pari LC Sprint nebuliser is fitted with the PIF-Control System (PIF = Peak Inspiratory Flow). PIF helps you to control the inhalation of your medication. If you breathe in too quickly, you will notice a gentle resistance – this is a sign for you to relax your breathing a little and not to breathe in so sharply. If you don’t feel any resistance, you are inhaling correctly and can be confident in knowing that your medication is getting to your lower airways. A steady, relaxed breath in means that more of your medication is delivered to the right place in your lungs.

Click here to watch a demonstration of Good Nebuliser technique with the Pari PIF Control.

What if you’re prescribed an antibiotic?

Should you need to nebulise an antibiotic, the LC Sprint system can be used with either a face mask or a mouthpiece simply by adding the Pari Filter Valve Set. For nebulising antibiotics, the Pari Filter Valve Set and filter pad minimises the amount of exhaled aerosol being released into the room, protecting your nearest and dearest from breathing in your prescribed solutions.

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Why choose Pari?

Pari have a philosophy of providing quality and the reliability of their products is ensured by the careful selection of materials, manufacture at in-house production facilities and stringent quality control. Products only leave the factory after detailed inspection and electronic documentation of the test results. They are committed to research and development, keeping up to date with the latest developments and trends in the field of inhalation treatment and aerosol technology in order to bring you innovative products like the Pari Boy Classic. Read more about Pari Nebulisers and why we choose to work with Pari on our blog - Why choose a Pari Nebuliser?