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9 March 2018

Accessories for the Omron MicroAir U22

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One of the best selling portable nebulisers has been upgraded but what should you do if you need spares & accessories to keep your Omron MicroAir U22 up and running?


Gone, but not forgotten

One of our best selling portable nebulisers over the last few years was the Omron MicroAir U22 - a mesh nebuliser which works with AA batteries or an optional mains lead. For many of you it brought new freedoms and lots of adventures. It was a tried and trusted, efficient nebuliser that you could slip in your pocket. The U22 came with a 3 year warranty and needed parts such as the mesh cap replacing on a regular basis especially with frequent use. In December 2017 Omron launched their new improved portable nebuliser the MicroAir U100 and stopped producing the U22.

Buying online

Some online companies offer nebulisers at a reduce price but fail to stock accessories. We hear stories weekly of people struggling to source a new mesh, filters, mouthpieces or masks, the vital components needed to keep it producing an efficient therapy. We also often get calls from those of you whose nebuliser has developed a manufacturing fault long before the warranty has expired or didn’t even realise they had a warranty and now have no where to turn. It’s not always such a bargain if you’re left high and dry after only a few months. All the manufacturers of the nebulisers on our website have a UK base and excellent reputations for customer service. They are supporting us so we can fully support you.

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Don’t panic!

When a nebuliser is discontinued it’s important to have bought it from an established reputable company. Omron are exactly that. We have been stocking Omron Nebulisers for many years and they support us so we in turn can offer you a reliable and trusted service. If any faults do arise that are covered by your warranty Omron will be quite happy to honour their manufacturers commitment to us and to you. If you bought a MicroAir U22 as recently as December 2017, don’t worry, spares such as masks, mesh caps and medicine bottles will be available long after your warranty has expired. So if the question is “Do you stock the mesh cap for the U22 MicroAir?” The answer is yes and you can everything you'll need for it listed right here: Omron MicroAir U22 Spares & Accessories