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13 June 2018

Take a look at our new portable nebuliser

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We are proud to announce that we, here at Evergreen, can now offer you even more choice of portable nebulisers. The first of which is the Beurer IH55.


The IH55 is a mesh type nebuliser that delivers on performance, portability and price.

It may be not the speediest of our mesh nebulisers but it still delivers 2.5ml of your respiratory therapy effectively in around 8 to 10 minutes, making all the difference if the alternative is struggling on, short of breath or bringing an end to your fun day out . The IH55 is virtually silent too, so you can nebulise discreetly in any crowd, during the day or at night without disturbing your neighbours.

The IH55 may not be the smallest mesh nebuliser, but even with its 4 AA batteries it has an operating weight of only 228 grams and sits comfortably in your hand. Much easier to assemble than its predecessor, the IH50, the medication chamber and mesh have a smooth clip on clip off feature which combined with an innovative self cleaning facility and hard carry case, makes the IH55 robust and very practical if you’re always on the move.

Another advantage of the IH55 is the multi-volt mains cable which comes included in the price allowing you to plug in for your respiratory therapy anywhere worldwide saving your battery life and ultimately your money.


Imagine how your world could open up with an IH55 portable nebuliser. Stepping outside your front door with more confidence than ever before. A simple trip to the shops, a meal out with the family or a cruise around the world, now is the time to make those dreams real. The Beurer IH55 offers innovative technology at an affordable price.

If you're interested or have any questions then, as always, you can get in touch with us on the phone on 01942 701210 or send us an email.