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21 June 2021

Out and About with a Portable Nebuliser

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More stories that our customers are excited to share.


Colin is fan of Green Spaces

Although he has limited mobility due to his C.O.P.D. Colin has always been a fan of a gentle stroll. During lockdown he discovered Fields in Trust who are an independent charity protecting parks and green spaces. With the help of their website during lockdown he was able to explore all the areas closest to his postcode. Now it’s summer he hopes to explore further afield.

Colin needed a portable nebuliser that was easy to carry, simple to use and would pop in his pocket. After a chat he decided to purchase the Philips InnoSpire Go. Lightweight and efficient Colin reckoned he would still have room for his flask and his snack.


Sue is an avid reader

Sue is a member of several book clubs. Lockdown had been a little bit tricky but most had managed to keep in touch through zoom. Now restrictions on the number of people meeting outside were lifting the members were keen to meet face to face and catch up.

Obviously Sue was going to need a battery operated nebuliser. One that was quiet too and didn’t disturb when other members were chatting. Sue lives with Bronchiectasis and has a mains powered nebuliser for her twice daily antibiotic and occasionally needs a bronchodilator. She chose the Omron MicroAir U100 as the idea of AA batteries made her feel like once again she could act impulsively and not have to wait for a recharge. Once restrictions are fully lifted she’s keen to restart living life.

Canal fishing

Peter was worried about his Dad

Peter's Dad used to enjoy fishing, sitting on the canal side rain or shine. However, since being diagnosed with C.O.P.D. he’s been going less and less - staying inside where he feels safer. Peter decided this year was going to be different. For Father's Day, having spruced up all his Dad's tackle, he was treating him to a rod license and a portable nebuliser. They were going to go together.

Peter liked the Beurer IH58. His Dad could use it at home from the mains and plug it into the car which would be close to their favourite spot. It still uses accessories that his Dad would be familiar with but would all pack away in a handy carry bag.

Camper van

Julie finds Summer tricky

Julie suffers from brittle asthma and one of her many triggers is pollen. Last summer she spent most of the time shielding, so this year she was determined life would be different. She has invested some of her savings in a camper van and intends to plan lots of weekends away. City and country breaks. Anywhere she can park her van.

Julie decided to plump for the Philips InnoSpire Mini. With a mains lead, car lead and rechargeable battery it does the lot. She felt that whether she was walking in the lakes, strolling through a museum or parked at a festival it would provide the security she needed range a little further from home.

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The last 12 months have been difficult for the majority of our customers. Living with a respiratory condition makes you vulnerable to all sorts of germs and viruses. COVID-19 has made life particularly scary and we know, from your calls, that most of you had been advised to “shield”. It is uplifting to hear that now you’re making plans, looking forward and slowly returning to normal. The excitement is audible and long may it last. If you recognise yourself in any of these people and need help to take that first step, you can call us on 01942 701210, send us an email or simply stop by our website and check out what’s available. Who knows where you may venture to this summer?

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