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17 September 2017

Looking after your MicroAir

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The Omron MicroAir needs minimal but valuable maintenance and this post should be considered as just an introduction to that care.


First things first.

After your treatment using the Omron U100, you should start by discarding any residual medication. Follow this up by nebulising clean water through the unit for a minute or two to clear the mesh holes.

What should you wash?

The important parts to keep clean are your medication container, mesh cap, mask adapter, mouthpiece and, if you're using one, your mask. These can be washed in warm, soapy water to clean. Rinse them off to get rid of the soap residue and leave to air dry on a lint free cloth.

As for the main unit, wipe it clean with a moist, not wet, cloth.

Never touch the mesh directly with your fingers or any implement such as a cotton swab.


Once a week

To reduce the risk of infection you should be disinfecting the key parts of your nebuliser once a week. This can be done by several methods such a boiling or soaking in commercially available disinfectants like dental tablets or a solution of white vinegar. Not every method is suitable for all parts of your nebuliser so please check your instruction manual carefully.

Always pay particular attention to the mesh cap as residual medication can reduce its performance.

What else can you do?

Mr Lewis emailed us to say he was worried about his U22 as “The on off switch was faulty, turning itself off within 2 seconds of being turned on.”

This can happen and just wiping the contacts isn’t always enough as occasionally when cleaning the medication bottle, your finger or thumb rubs on the two metal contacts on the bottom which then build up a film of grease off your skin. However it can be easily rectified by using something such as a ladies metal nail file to give those two metal contacts, and the contacts on the top of the battery box, a really good scratch to remove the residue.

It worked for Mr Lewis who emailed again to say “I lightly cleaned the contacts concerned the neb is working fine now. Thank you very much you saved me a couple of weeks of hassle.”

Need more help?

The Omron MicroAir is a reliable efficient nebuliser which gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want. If you're worried or confused at all or wish to share some of your helpful tips then please feel free to call us and you can download the manual for your nebuliser here.

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Photo credit: Sebastian Pichler