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23 September 2022

Introducing the new Omron C28P

Blog > Omron C105 Nebuliser

Or to give it it’s Sunday name, the Omron NE-C105

C105 blog

Omron have launched the C105 to replace their old favourite, the C28P

The First thing to notice is the smooth wipe clean, tidy case which houses a durable and reliable long life compressor.

Second is the nebuliser chamber which when used with the mouthpiece provides Advanced Valve Technology. (AVT) Advanced valve technology is designed to maximise drug availability when you breathe in and reduce drug wastage when you breathe out. This ensures you are receiving the full benefit from your therapy and you can read more about it here.

But don’t be alarmed, for those of you relying on a face mask, it’s still included along with a child one too. And it still all fits neatly into its carry bag, a feature which we know comes in handy, especially over the holiday season.

Third is the price, the Omron NE-C105 is still great value for money, an easy to use, reliable, durable and efficient nebuliser that won’t break the bank.

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