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Omron MicroAir U100 Medication Bottle

  • £16.50

Replacement Medication Bottle for Omron MicroAir U100

  • Sterilise by boiling
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The medication container holds the liquid and secures the mesh cap. It is important to remember not to attach the medication bottle to the main unit when the mesh cap is fitted. Fit then fill the medication container first and then attach the mesh cap. Push the lid of the medication container down until it you hear a click. You can then fit the mask adaptor and face mask or mouthpiece.

Manufactured from strong polycarbonate with titanium hinges, the medication bottle can be sterilised by boiling.


The MicroAir U100 Medication Bottle is compatible with the following Omron nebulisers:

Technical Spec

  • Average lifespan
    12 months
  • Capacity