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17 November 2020

Stocking up for Winter

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With Winter approaching it pays to be prepared and perhaps this Winter, it's even more important.

Evergreen ship

It’s that time of year again where we encourage you to stock up on nebuliser spares and accessories ready for the winter ahead. There are several reasons why it’s wise. Cold weather can trigger a flare-up of symptoms associated with respiratory conditions, couriers and the Royal Mail are busy, hospitals struggle with winter pressures, plus it’s colds and flu season. That’s just a few. You can read more here about how you can look after your lungs this winter 🥶

The 'B' word and the 'C' word

This year with the COVID-19 pandemic putting extra pressures on our NHS it’s common sense to be well prepared plus, and I hesitate to mention the word, with Brexit looming we are currently receiving notifications from our suppliers that January 2021 will mean price increases. Ouch.

As a company we have always strived to offer you a quality product at an affordable price. All the manufacturers we list have experience and knowledge of what it means to live with a lung condition. They understand that for some of you a reliable nebuliser is a vital component of your respiratory therapy and continually innovate in order to help you fulfil all aspects of daily living. Spares and accessories are a core part of you achieving that effective and efficient treatment.

Whatever your political thoughts on Brexit, Pari, Beurer, Philips, Omron and Medix are international companies and the New Year will bring change. Deal or no deal, tariffs will alter and in the worst case scenarios we’ve been warned about hold ups at ports and possible shortages.


Why not stock up now?

Many of our customers are already taking advantage of the time lockdown offers to order year packs, extra supplies, a second nebuliser where needed. So why not take a moment, make a list or if you’re not sure give us a call on 01942 701 210. You can also read more about the spares and accessories you might need on our blog post here: Have you changed your accessories recently?

“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent” It’ll mean one less worry this winter and I think we will all be grateful for that.