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Shaker Deluxe

  • £29.00

Simple relief from excessive mucus and its associated problems

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Exhaling through the Shaker causes a steel ball to vibrate in the casing, creating a movement in your airways which travels deep into your lungs and ‘shakes’ any stubborn mucus loose. This vibration combined with the gentle resistance created when you breathe against the ball causes a number of positive benefits. Changes in air pressure encourages your smaller airways to open which in turn increases lung efficiency. Mucus is thinned and dislodged by the vibration and increased airflow helps the mucus to move to your large airways where with gentle coughing you can more comfortably expel it.

The Shaker Deluxe is not suitable for anybody that is suffering from the following conditions: severe Tuberculosis, Right sided heart failure, Pneumothorax or Haemoptysis (coughing up blood).

The Shaker Deluxe features a new adjustable and re-movable mouthpiece.

How to use the Shaker

Start your treatment by sitting in a comfortable position. Relax your stomach muscles and take a few normal breaths before starting. Close your lips around the mouthpiece and make sure to make a good seal. Start by taking a slightly bigger than normal breath in through your nose, then breathe out through the Shaker. You may feel the vibrations on your chest wall. Repeat this eight to ten times. You should then put the device down and cough to clear any sputum. Then relax before starting again. Aim to continue for about 15 minutes or until you have cleared all your sputum.

Technical Spec