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Philips PortaNeb Filters (Pack 4)

  • £4.50

Pack of 4 Inlet Filters for the Philips Respironics PortaNeb

  • Change every 3 months
  • Protects your compressor
  • Easy to change

No longer available

Product discontinued by manufacturer
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The PortaNeb Inlet filters are used in your nebuliser to ensure that the air intake is clean and free from dust.

Why replace the filter?

Replacing the filter on your nebuliser is probably most important aspect of nebuliser maintenance. It is as important as replacing your nebuliser set, since without a good flow of filtered air coming from the compressor, you will not receive an effective therapy.

Old filters block the air flow to the compressor, reducing its output which diminishes its effectiveness.

Blocked filters also put a strain on the motor and increases the risk of a breakdown.

Filters cannot be cleaned – Throw the old filter away – don't wash it!

Your Portaneb inlet filter should be changed every three months or when discolouration occurs in order to keep your nebuliser performing consistently.

Also available as part of the Philips Durable SideStream Year Pack which includes the Sidestream medication chamber, Duratube, mouthpiece and filters for the compressor saving you £5.50.


The PortaNeb Filters are compatible with the following Philips nebulisers:

  • Philips Respironics PortaNeb

Technical Spec

  • Average lifespan
    3 months