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Philips Disposable SideStream Chambers (Pack 5)

  • £5.00

SideStream chambers offer faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times for common respiratory medications.

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Pack of five disposable SideStream chambers.

SideStream nebulisers offer faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times and can be used with all commonly prescribed respiratory medications.

The SideStream's unique Venturi system enhances output by ensuring that 80% of the drug output volume is below 5 microns in size and there are five aerosol producing jet holes instead of one, providing additional flow and speeding up treatment times. SideStream nebulisers can deliver 2.5ml of medication within 7 minutes.

The disposable SideStream is less expensive than the Reusable SideStream and works in exactly the same way but only for up to four weeks.


The Disposable SideStream Chamber is compatible with the following nebulisers:

  • InnoSpire Deluxe
  • InnoSpire Essence
  • PortaNeb

Technical Spec

  • Average lifespan
    1 month
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