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Pari PIF Sprint Nebuliser Kit

  • £24.80

PIF Control Chamber

  • Controlled inhalation for better therapy
  • Medication delivered to more of the lung
  • Kit with chamber, tube, mouthpiece and filter
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The Pari PIF Sprint Nebuliser is fitted with the PIF-Control System (Peak Inspiratory Flow). PIF helps to control the inhalation of your medication. With a steady, relaxed breath in, more medication is delivered to the right place in the lungs.

If you breathe in too quickly, you will notice a gentle resistance – this is a sign for you to relax your breathing a little and not to breathe in so sharply. If you don’t feel any resistance, you are inhaling correctly and can be confident in knowing that your medication is getting to your lower airways.

Click here to watch a demonstration of Good Nebuliser technique with the Pari PIF Control.


The Pari PIF Sprint Nebuliser Kit is suitable for use with the following Pari nebulisers:

Technical Spec

  • Average lifespan
    12 months