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Pari LC Plus Chamber

  • £19.50

Durable, high performance nebulisation

  • Breath-enhanced operation
  • Reduced medication wastage
  • Suitable for antibiotics and steroids
  • Can be used with a Pari Face Mask
  • Ideal for use with the Pari Compact nebuliser
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The Pari LC Plus reusable nebuliser consists of a small number of parts so that it can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. This makes it easier to clean effectively. User-friendliness and outstanding efficiency make inhalation therapy as pleasant as possible.

The breath-enhanced LC Plus Chamber is fitted with a valve which responds to your breathing pattern. The valve opens on inspiration to boost medication delivery and closes on exhalation, preserving medication and reducing waste.

The Pari LC Plus Chamber is suitable for nebulising steroids and antibiotics. As most health professionals recommend that this is done with a closed system the optional Pari Filter Valve Set catches exhaled medication to protect others in the room.

The chamber offers excellent performance in particle size and treatment time and is designed to use Pari's Face Mask as well as a Mouthpiece, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

The Pari LC Plus nebuliser chamber can be disinfected by boiling or using a steam disinfector.

If you have a Pari TurboBoy, Pari Mini or Pari Boy Mobile S nebuliser you might need the Pari LC Sprint Chamber.


Suitable for use with the following Pari nebulisers:

Technical Spec

  • Minimum fill volume
  • Maximum fill volume
  • Average lifespan
    12 months