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Pari Compact Air Tube

  • £4.00

Connecting tube for the Pari Compact nebuliser

  • Latex free plastic
  • Durable female/female connectors
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Suitable for use with the first-generation Pari Compact nebuliser only
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The 120 cm Pari air tube is manufactured from latex free medical grade plastic and connects your compressor to the Pari Compact LC Plus medication chamber. The high quality durable rubber female/female connectors make it easy to be attached to and disconnected from the compressor.

Please note that the air tube should not be immersed in water as it is difficult to thoroughly dry.

If there is condensation visible in the tubing, disconnect the tube from the nebuliser chamber after treatment and allow the compressor to continue blowing air through the tube until all the condensate has been blown out.


The Pari Compact Air Tube is compatible with the following Pari nebulisers:

  • Pari Compact

Only compatible with the first-generation Pari Compact. Use the Pari Air Tube with the Pari Compact 2.

Technical Spec

  • Material
  • Length