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Philips InnoSpire Go Mask Adapter

  • £7.00

To attach LiteTouch Face Mask to InnoSpire Go Nebuliser

  • Replacement Mask Adapter
  • Used to connect the LiteTouch Face Mask to InnoSpire Go Mouthpiece
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The InnoSpire Go Mask Adaptor connects the LiteTouch Face Mask with the Philips InnoSpire Go. It also allows the InnoSpire Go to be used directly to the stoma for those that have had a Tracheostomy or Laryngectomy.

The LiteTouch face mask is designed to provide greater wearing comfort and easier delivery of aerosol medication. It quickly and comfortably conforms to facial contours, providing a soft, secure fit for increased compliance and treatment effectiveness. The flexible seal also reduces leakage and helps to make treatment less technique dependent.


The InnoSpire Go Mask Adaptor is compatible with the following nebulisers:

  • Philips InnoSpire Go

Technical Spec