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Philips Filter Holder

  • £20.00

Filter Holder for Philips SideStream Plus chamber

This product has been discontinued by Philips.

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    Most health professionals recommend for when you are nebulising steroids and antibiotics you use a closed system. This is in order to prevent environmental contamination. In other words, sticky antibiotic settling all over your furniture or even worse, your nearest and dearest breathing in your excess medication.

    The Philips Filter Holder attaches below the mouthpiece on the SideStream Plus Chamber. The filter pad minimises exhaled aerosol being released into the room, protecting your family from breathing in your prescribed solutions.

    The filter pad should be changed after each use.

    Replacement filter pads are available: Philips Filter Pads (Pack 50)


    The Philips Filter Holder is compatible with any Philips nebulisers using the Philips SideStream Plus Chamber.

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