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Beurer IH55 Year Pack

  • £39.00

Complete accessory kit for the Beurer IH55 Mesh Nebuliser

  • Regular replacement ensures efficient medication delivery
  • Can be sterilised by boiling
  • Includes masks and mouthpiece
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The Beurer IH55 Mesh Nebuliser year pack includes everything you need to keep your IH55 up and running and performing efficiently for up to twelve months.

Caring for the medication container with mesh atomiser is simple. The self cleaning function helps to completely remove medication residue and eliminate any blockages from the mesh. The container can also be disinfected by boiling.

The replacement plastic mouthpiece can also be boiled to clean and sterilise, but please note that the adult and child face masks should not be placed in hot water.


The Beurer IH55 Year Pack is compatible with the following Beurer nebulisers:

Technical Spec

  • Average lifespan
    6-12 months