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17 July 2019

Summer Discounts

Special Offers designed to take the sting out of summer


We know for some of you the summer can be tricky! The heat and humidity along with allergies can all cause an exacerbation in your symptoms. Whether you suffer from COPD, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis or any one of the other lung diseases, watching others having fun while you are struggling to breathe can be a nightmare. It’s why we are excited to announce a whole range of summer discounts and special offers on our nebuliser products. Not everything in life has to be a struggle.

To start with, the ever popular Philips InnoSpire Deluxe now comes with an free durable SideStream Medication Chamber which will make caring for your nebuliser that little bit easier. We have also reintroduced the well received free pack of 5 single patient use Sidestream Chambers when you buy an InnoSpire Essence from us.

And what about the Medix AC2000? We now include free of charge a second Medix Neb Kit with Adult Mask, which will allow you the bonus of more time before you have to start thinking about a year pack.


Planning a summer holiday? Take a look at the Philips InnoSpire Go. It’s lightweight, battery operated, portable and currently available with a free LiteTouch Face Mask. Pop one in your pocket and you can be out and about enjoying the season just like everyone else.

These are just 3 of the new special offers we have introduced to try and make your life easier. Whichever nebuliser product you're shopping for it’s worth popping over to our website to check out what's available. If you’re a fan of social media why not take a look at Twitter or Instagram as, for a limited period, there are bonus offers and discount codes there too!

Photo credits: Vicko Mozara, Ethan Robertson.