Pulse oximeters

A pulse oximeter is a small, battery powered device that clips on your finger like a clothes peg. It works by painlessly shining two beams of light though your fingertip, one beam is red which you can see, and one is infrared which you don’t see. These two beams of light let the pulse oximeter detect the colour of the arterial blood and can then determine the oxygen saturation. The results are displayed as a percentage (Sp02) while at the same time it will read and show you your pulse rate.

A pulse oximeter can be particularly useful if you suffer from conditions such as COPD, asthma or heart failure, when for many people shortness of breath becomes part and parcel of your daily life. It is a useful extra tool to assist you in monitoring your symptoms at home or when you are out and about. It can also be beneficial for sports at high altitude such as climbing, skiing or flying for those of you who are a little more ambitious.

Oximeter PO30

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The PO 30 is simple to operate and gives an accurate measurement every time.

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