Portable nebulisers

Small, lightweight, portable nebulisers to take anywhere, keep you on the move and help maintain your independence.

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Available nebulisers:

  • InnoSpire Go nebuliser - £139.00

    More time for Life

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  • Innospire Mini nebuliser - £115.00

    Redesigned, rechargeable, remarkable

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Available nebulisers:

  • Omron MicroAir U22 nebuliser - £79.00

    Silent efficient pocket size nebuliser

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  • CompAir C30 nebuliser - £85.00

    For at home and on the go

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Available nebulisers:

  • Mini nebuliser - £89.00

    Power that is anything but mini

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  • Boy Mobile nebuliser - £199.00

    To take you where you want to go

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